Nin Taneja
Thought Process
New Works
  • Diploma in Art Masters.
  • Short Term Training from The Triveni Kala Sangam.
  • Workshop in EGG Tempra under French Artist Christian Puard from The Habitat Centre.

Currently working from her studio in New Delhi and showing her works successfully at quite a few galleries in New Delhi.

Nin has been painting for more than 15 years and her works adorn some of the prestigious restaurants in New Delhi.

Her abstract figurative works follow a rhythm and verbalize our own relations with different patterns in life. almost all the paintings have a circular ball of energy..the sun,which depicts the’ be all and end all ‘of god’s creations…it is a source of energy which gives life to all. The influence of the abstraction with experimentation in textures, light and shade can  be seen in the works.


2017 August Group Show Mediating Dreams Visual Arts Gallery Habitat
2016 march Group Show "Conversation"Gallerie Nvya
2016 March Online show with Mojarto NDTV
2015 Group Show Beti parhao Beti bachao Gallery Freedom
2015 Group show Flight of Expressions Nvya Art Gallery
2015 Group Show Aparajita at th Habitat Center.
2014 Group Show Enigma
2014 Group Show Sangam at Arpana Caur Gallery by Ms.Shobha Broota
2013 July "A Brand New Day" Rebuilding Uttrakhand
2013 May Group Show Unchauied Medleys .
2012 February Group Show Maya at Arpana Caur Gallery .
2011 June Group Show ,50 Works 25 Artists 10 states ,The Art Corridor at the Taj West End, Bangalore .
2009 April Group Show Creative convergence/Epicentre Gurgaon .
2009 March Group Show Vivid Hues/Epicentre Gurgaon .

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