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The soul, like the sun, rises. The Sun represents our soul on a higher level and our ego on a lower. It describes who we are within ourselves. It represents our true will, central purpose in life, and perception.

The white lotus refers to purity of the mind and the spirit. The stage of growth the lotus flower represents a different stage of enlightenment.

The bird soaring through the air stirs our souls, motivating us to rise above our earthly concerns and learn more about a greater world beyond our Earth: the spiritual realm. Birds share the special bond and symbolize the beauty of spiritual growth .

Trees invite us to absorb their essence entirely; we do this by tapping into their infinite branches of energies.
To connect with something on various levels is to create a new thread of creation in our own lives. The process of learning and connecting with nature and the Soul places us in a position of higher vision.

Nin Taneja

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